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Pokémon Cookie Cutter Play-Doh Bundle

Pokémon Cookie Cutter Play-Doh Bundle

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 Capture the magic of Pokemon in your playroom with our Pokemon Playdoh Cookie Cutter Bundle. Whether you're crafting on your own or sharing these fantastic creations with friends and family, these Playdoh designs are sure to bring joy to everyone's playtime. Catch 'em all and make your creative moments truly unforgettable!

Bundle Includes:

Pikachu: Mold your very own Pikachu-shaped Playdoh creations that are as adorable as they are fun. This beloved Electric-type Pokemon will spark your imagination.

Charmander: Ignite your creativity with Charmander-shaped Playdoh figures. Perfect for fans of this fire-breathing starter Pokemon, these creations are sure to bring the heat to your playtime.

Squirtle: Dive into the world of imaginative fun with Squirtle-themed Playdoh designs. These Water-type creations are perfect for any water-loving Pokemon enthusiast.

Bulbasaur: Let your artistic skills bloom with Bulbasaur-shaped Playdoh creations. This Grass/Poison-type Pokemon will add a touch of nature to your playdough adventures.

Pokeball: Shape your very own Pokeballs with this iconic cutter. Whether you're crafting a collection of miniature Pokeballs or simply want to create the perfect sphere for your Playdoh Pokemon, this cutter is a must-have for any aspiring Pokemon Trainer.

Three 1oz cans of Play-Doh: Assorted Colors

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